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True Cost of Oil

(VIDEO, 18 MIN.)

In this 2011 TEDx talk, award-winning photographer and Crossroads Project collaborator Garth Lenz describes the devastating impact of the Alberta tar sands mining operations on Canada’s stunning boreal forests and First Nations people.  This is a powerful, unflinching look at the true cost of our insatiable thirst for fossil fuels.

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Arithmetic, Population, and Energy

(VIDEO, 75 MIN.)

Exponential growth is at the very heart of our sustainability crisis, and the basics are readily understandable.  In this classic video lecture, Professor of Physics Dr. Albert Bartlett, explains to a small class the very simple mathematics and  of exponential growth.  He uses population and energy as his focus and applies his conclusions to his home of Boulder, Colorado for some highly relatable examples.   Don’t be fooled by the quaint production ―  the information is succinctly, expertly, even charmingly presented.

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