Our Mission

The Crossroads Project is the collective effort of a scientist and a community of artists who are committed to moving our world toward a sustainable, just, vibrant future. Crossroads is powerful storytelling – grounded in science, elevated by art – igniting informed response through live performance and shared experience. We are one in a growing ecosystem of artistic collaborations bringing the many facets of human sustainability to the forefront of public consciousness.

The Crossroads Project is an ongoing experiment – a partnership between the two great endeavors of science and art.  It’s a partnership with a purpose, bringing to bear the power of performance art to one of the great conversations of our time: human civilization’s growing unsustainability and the quest for truly meaningful response.

Crossroads combines compelling information and evocative imagery to force a theme – firmly grounded in science – and then unleashes powerful music in an effort to inspire deep and personal contemplation of this theme.  Crossroads takes an audience from intellectual understanding, to visceral experience, to personal resolve.

Ultimately we intend Crossroads to comprise a collection of performances exploring different aspects of humanity’s great transition to a societal and ecological maturity.