Programs In Development

The Crossroads Project is an experimental and continuing collaboration between science and the arts, bringing to bear the power of performance art on the topic of human sustainability. We envision a growing collection of performances under the banner of The Crossroads Project.



Emergence follows Rising Tide in a growing collection of performances under the banner of The Crossroads Project. Where Rising Tide is about what we know, Emergence is about coming to terms with this knowledge on a deeply personal level. Rising Tide is a poetic science lecture, with composer Laura Kaminsky’s score erecting a musical space for contemplation, while Emergence takes the form of Shakespearean soliloquy, with composer Libby Larsen’s score assuming the role of one person’s inner voice.


Creative Team

Composer: Libby Larsen

Writer: Dr. Robert Davies

Director: Adrianne Moore

Video Projections: Conor Provenzano

Actor: Robert Scott Smith

Musicians: Fry Street Quartet


Crossroads For Kids

Crossroads for Kids aims to help students in grades K-6 understand sustainability through an interactive experience. There are 3 major components of this program:


A series of beautiful slides in this power point presentation will help students contemplate the amazing world around them, and discover stories of individuals, schools, communities, and countries that have taken action to protect our planet. Students are encouraged to learn new ways to respect the earth, and bonus slides include suggestions of things for students to make, read, paint, draw, sing and compose.


A selection of ready to print worksheets will reinforce learning from the power point presentation and/or will encourage creativity in students that will help their own understanding of sustainability.


The following will help children and adults to celebrate our world in song:

  • A list of choral/vocal works for children (and adults)
  • An online copy of the Dan Kallman song composed especially for Crossroads for Kids
  • Information about how to obtain an inspiring choral music program with power point

Development Team

Project Coordinator: Rita Docter 

Artistic & Curriculum Support: Warren Sampson

Artistic & Curriculum Support: Anne Reid

Composer: Dan Kallman

Artist & Illustrator: Nancy Carlson

Parent Project Advisor: Elizabeth Knight


Jody Gray, Elementary School Teacher

Nancy Carlson, Children’s Book Illustrator/Author

Libby Larson, Composer

Steve Heitzeg, Composer & Environmental Activist

Malcolm Dalglish, Composer & Poet

Dr. Peter Nekola, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Luther College & Environmental Activist