Sponsors & Support


The Crossroads Project would not be possible without generous support from the following organizations and individuals:

Utah State University, Office of the President
USU Caine College of the Arts
USU Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services
USU College of Natural Resources
USU College of Science
USU Department of Music
USU Department of Art + Design
The Greenwood Trust
The Tanner Foundation
The Sounds of Science
Michael and Marie Shaw
Ned and Gail Weinshenker
Lyman Whitaker and Stacy Christensen
Mr. Michael McBride
Nancy Huntly and Richard Inouye
Eugene Schupp and Janis Boettinger 

We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the significant contributions of the following members of the Crossroads team, whose energy, expertise and support have enhanced this project greatly.

Denise Albiston / Marketing Coordinator
Camille Litalien / Staging Coordinator
Adrianne Moore / Voice Coach
Mary Gabriel / Publicity Photographer
Andrew McAllister / Publicity Photographer
Martha Woods / Project & FSQ Manager
Beth Stewart / Web Designer, Publicist & Strategy Consultant
Maggie Clifford / Sociologist, Project Impact Assessment

The Crossroads Project has grown from an idea to a reality over the course of several years. This endeavor has been fed by the passions, creativity, and convictions of its collaborators, alongside critical support from those listed above. Invitations and project development do not always come with support. Please consider helping our efforts become more sustainable as we endeavor to push this message further.