Don / Retired Investment Manager

“I’ve attended a lot of these lectures where they talk about, ‘Here’s the problem, and we ought to do this!’ but they don’t ever really expect anyone to do anything. And Rising Tide simply says, ‘There are all kinds of ways to get involved in this. Do your part. Whatever it is you can do, do it, and do something about it tomorrow.’ That’s what I really liked about it.”



Emily / university student

"It was really inspiring for me. The silence that is used really gives the audience a little bit of time to ponder and to think, ‘What could I do differently? What does this mean to me?’”



Heidi / teacher

“Hope isn’t just an abstract idea – it’s not only words. When we hear this music, it’s something we feel we can take with us into the world. I felt uplifted. I felt like even the small things I can do or choose to do might actually make a difference.”



Glenn / biochemist

"What I take away from The Crossroads Project, and why I've come back, is this incredible synergy and transformation that I feel by crossing over, combining, and intermingling the disciplines, and having it become a true human experience. What the quartet and Rob bring to this message is their humanity, their credibility as human beings, their passion, and their warmth as people. And I find it personally very moving.”



Jesse / violinist

"I had never really thought about climate change in such an emotional way. The Crossroads Project ends on the idea of going and making at least some small change in the world. And that, for me, was something that I was really able to kind of grasp onto and feel hopeful about what I could do in my own life. It leaves you in an empowered place. You end up with this feeling that any small difference you can make in your life is something that will make a difference.”



Estelle / yoga instructor

“I perceived the climate crisis much differently after seeing the Crossroads Project. Seeing scientific information portrayed with music and visual aspects and a captivating speaker and all of these different components of a more artistic performance made it sink a little bit deeper. In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed… then I started feeling less overwhelmed, and the message of ‘pick one thing and make it your own’ became more real to me.”