Rising Tide

Rising Tide unfolds in a series of vignettes exploring the natural world from which we have emerged - and the human world that has emerged from us. Juxtaposing these two very different paradigms lays bare the starkly different paths before us, and the shining opportunity we have to carve a truly safe and just operating space for humanity. With an original score by composer Laura Kaminsky, the music erects within each vignette a contemplative space for the audience to process what it is we now know.

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The Science


The science of Rising Tide is the science of our existence on planet Earth.  It is the science of water... and soil... and climate... and life. It’s the science of food, and energy, and economy.  It’s the chemistry of the oceans and the physics of complex systems.

From water to life, ecosystems to agriculture, civilization to economy, energy to consumption, the science of Crossroads is a distillation of the very best state of our knowledge, arising from one of humanity’s great endeavors: the enterprise of science.

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The Music


Laura Kaminsky's Rising Tide is in four movements: H2O, Bios, Forage, and Societas. Kaminsky says, "I was motivated to bring together artists and scientists to create a compelling work of art incorporating scientific research that would inspire deep reflection, and, ultimately, action, among those who experience this performance. In addition, I was greatly enriched by working with a quartet as artistically rigorous and intellectually vibrant as the Fry Street Quartet. My goal was to create a work with a persistent, and at times, subliminal pulse that carries through the four movements, making the quartet itself a symbol for the measure of life."

The performance also contains movements from Haydn and Janacek.


The Imagery



The images of Rising Tide – explicit and abstract – exalt the natural world and expose humanity's global assault upon it.

From the boreal forests of Canada to the industrial sacrifice zones of China; from the ocean depths to the top of the atmosphere, audiences experience compelling, wondrous, and terrifying images from the hands and minds of internationally renowned photographers and artists.