Rising Tide is a compelling and evocative performance, serving as a catalyst for initiating deep exploration of humanity’s unsustainable present. Rising Tide is at its most powerful, however, when presented as a component of an integrated program. Some of these collaborations have been comprehensive and far-reaching ― extending weeks before and after the performance to include colloquia, classroom work, film showings, art exhibits, and talks by the performers. Others have been compact and focused, comprising same-day and next-day outreach events.

Dr. Davies and the Fry Street Quartet have guest lectured in courses across the university curricula, including science, music, design, performing arts, sociology, mathematics, natural resources, and communications.
The Crossroads team is eager to engage with students, faculty, and the public. Additional events can be scheduled either before or after the performance, can be virtual or in-person, and include all or some of the performers. They can take the form of formal public presentation, informal class visits, departmental colloquia, master classes, and workshops.


Sample Residency Types

University of Iowa – A four-day residency, in which composer Laura Kaminsky joined the FSQ and Dr. Davies for multiple class visits on a wide variety of topics in the scientific and creative disciplines. The Crossroads team also appeared on public television and gave a performance that was live-streamed through the university's World Canvas site. In addition, the Fry Street Quartet gave private lessons, chamber music coachings, and public masterclasses for university and community music students.

Earlham College – Rising Tide was scheduled as part of the College Convocation Series, with outreach events the following day comprising departmental colloquia and classroom guest lectures.

Doane College – The residency utilized distance learning technology allowing teachers in Nebraska to attend a performance workshop broadcast from the Crossroads home venue in Utah three months before the group's arrival on campus. The Doane program culminated in a live performance of Rising Tide, followed by short performances produced by high school students fashioned on the Crossroads model ― integrating information, visuals and music to tell compelling and socially relevant stories. Also included was an on-campus show of the works of Crossroads visual artist Rebecca Allan.

Available for Outreach

Physicist: Dr. Robert Davies
Musicians: Fry Street Quartet
Composer: Laura Kaminsky
Visual Artist: Rebecca Allan
Photographer: Garth Lenz




Perhaps the simplest opportunity for expanded programming around Rising Tide is a talk-back immediately following the performance. After a short break, Dr. Davies and the Fry Street Quartet assemble onstage, often with community stake- holders, to engage in dialogue with those members of the audience who wish to discuss the performance and topic. (Suggested duration: 30-45 minutes)


Dr. Robert Davies – Dr. Davies is a physicist and educator who has worked in climate science and sustainability science communication for nearly a decade, giving a wide variety of presentations to a broad spectrum of audiences. An engaging communicator, Dr. Davies can present guest lectures to a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. Suggested topics include:

  • Climate Change Science
  • Planetary Boundaries | Ecological Footprints | Systems Science
  • Science Communication | The Crossroads Experience: Partnering Science and the Arts

Fry Street Quartet ― The members of the FSQ are all experienced and dedicated educators. In addition to serving as the resident string faculty at Utah State University, they are also frequent guest clinicians across the country. The FSQ teach and engage with students and the public in a variety of forms:

  • Private lessons, coachings, and public master classes with string students
  • Presentations and discussions on:
    • the art and science of collaboration
    • the role of the arts in society
    • the process of commissioning and working with living composers
    • music career paths